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Story Of My Life
I have been tagged twice and feel that I must do this now!

List seven songs you're into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions on your lj along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. "Chasing Cars" - Snow Patrol
2. "Let Go" - Frou Frou
3. "How To Save a Life" - The Fray
4. "Everything Too Cold...But You're So Hot" - The Early November
5. "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" - Panic! At The Disco
6. "Good Enough" - Sarah McLachlan
7. "Adagio for Strings" - Samuel Barber

Tag: Amy, Jill, Jess, Andy, Paige, and thats it.

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Current Mood: sleepy sleepy
Current Music: We Laugh Indoors - Death Cab for Cutie

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You're 80% Irish

Congratulations, you're a shining example of an Irish lass (or lad).
There's hardly anyone more Irish than you!
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(1) Rocky Horror Picture Show
(2) Grease
(3) Grease 2
() Crybaby
(4) Pirates of the Caribbean
(5) Boondock Saints
(6) The Mexican
(7) Fight Club
(8) Starsky and Hutch
(9) Neverending Story
() Neverending Story 2
() Neverending Story 3
() Blazing Saddles
() Airplane
() Airplane 2
(10) The Princess Bride
()Young Frankenstien
(11) AnchorMan: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
(12) Napoleon Dynamite
(13) Saw
(14) Saw II
() White Noise
(15) White Oleander
(16) Anger Management
(17) 50 First Dates
() Jason X
(18) Scream
(19) Scream 2
(20) Scream 3
(21) Scary Movie
(22) Scary Movie 2
() Scary Movie 3
(23) American Pie
(24) American Pie 2
() American Wedding
(25) Harry Potter-
(26) Harry Potter 2-
(27) Harry Potter 3-
(28)Harry Potter 4-
() Resident Evil I
() Resident Evil 2
(29) The Wedding Singer
(30) Little Black Book
(31) The Village
() Donnie Darko
(32) Lilo & Stitch
(33) Finding Nemo
(34) The Incredibles
(35) Finding Neverland
(36) 13 ghosts
(37) Signs
(38) The Grinch
(39) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
() White Chicks
(40) The Butterfly Effect
(41) Thirteen Going on 30
(42) I, Robot
() Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
() Universal Soldier
(43) A Series Of Unfortunate Events
(44) Along Came Polly
(45) Deep Impact
(46) KingPin
(47) Never Been Kissed
() Meet The Parents
() Meet the Fockers
(48) Eight Crazy Nights
() the Terminal
() Passport to Paris
(49) Dumb & Dumber
(50) Dumb & Dumberer
(51) Final Destination
(52) Final Destination 2
() Final Destination 3
(53) Halloween
(54) Halloween 2
(55) Halloween 3
(56) Halloween 4
() Halloween 5
(57) Halloween 6
(58) The Ring
(59) The Ring 2
() Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle
() Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back
(60) Practical magic
(61) Chicago-
(62) Ghost Ship
() From Hell
() Hellboy
(63) Secret Window
(64) I Am Sam
(65) The Whole Nine Yards
(66) The Whole Ten Yards
() The Day After Tomorrow
(67) Child's Play
() Child's Play 2
() Child's Play 3
() Bride of Chucky
() Seed of Chucky
(68) Ten Things I Hate About You
(69) Just Married
(70) Gothika
(71) Nightmare on Elm Street
(72) Nightmare on Elm Street 2
() Nightmare on Elm Street 3
() Nightmare on Elm Street 4
() Nightmare on Elm Street 5
(73) Freddy VS Jason
(74) Sixteen Candles
(75) Coach Carter
(76) Bad Boys
(77) Bad Boys 2
(78) Joy Ride
(79) Se7en
(80) Oceans eleven
(81) Ocean's Twelve
(82) Bourne Identity
(83) Bourne Supremacy
() Lone Star
() Bedazzled
(84)Predator I
() Predator II
(85)Independence Day
() Cujo
() Pet Sementary
() Pet Sementary 2
() A Bronx Tale
() Darkness Falls
() Christine
(86) ET
(87) Children of the Corn
() Children of the Corn 2
() Children of the Corn 3
() My Boss' daughter.
() Guess Who
() Frailty
() Best Bet
(88) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
(89) She's All That
() Not Another Teen Movie
() Calendar girls
(90) Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
(91) Sideways
(92) Mars Attacks
() Event Horizon
(93) Ever After
(94) Forrest Gump
(95) Saving Private Ryan
(96) The Green Mile
(97) Castaway
(98) Jurassic Park
(99) Jurassic Park The Lost World
(100) Jurassic Park III
() Big Trouble in Little China
(101) X-Men
(102) X-2
(103) Jeepers Creepers
() Jeepers Creepers 2
(104) Catch Me If You Can
(105) The Others
() Th
(106) Mean Girls
() Reign of Fire
(106) Cruel Intentions
() The Brotherhood
() The Hot Chick
() The Animal
() Duece Bigalo Male Gigalo
() Duece Bigalo European Gigalo
(107) 40 Year old Virgin
(108) Swimfan
() Miracle
(109) Old School
(110) The Notebook
(111) K-Pax
(112) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring-extended
(113) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers-extended
(114) Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King-extended
(115) Walk to Remember
() Saved
() Boogeyman
(116) Hitch
(117) The Fifth Element
(118) Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace
(119) Star Wars Episode II Attack of The Clones
(120) Star Wars Episode III Revenge of The Sith
(121) Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope
(122) Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
(123) Star Wars Episode VI Return of The Jedi...
() Troop Beverly Hills
() Swimming with Sharks
(124) Air Force One
() For Richer or Poorer
(125) Liar Liar
(126) The Truman Show
(127) Ace Ventura Pet Detective
(128) Ace Ventura 2, When Nature Calls
() Trainspotting
() People Under the Stairs
() Blue Velvet
(129) Sound of Music
() Parent Trap 1
() Parent Trap 2
() The Burbs
(130) The Terminator
(131) The Terminator 2
(132) Terminator 3
() Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
() Time Cop
() Kick boxer
() Lion Heart
(133) A Time to Kill
() Blood Sport
() Empire Records
() SLC Punk
(134) Meet Joe Black
(135) Nightmare Before Christmas
(136) The Silence of the Lambs
(137) Sleepy Hollow
() I Heart Huckabees
() 24 Hour Party People
() Blood In Blood Out
() Party Monster
() The Virgin Suicides
(138) Save the Last Dance
() You Got Served

Current Mood: sick sick
Current Music: Escape Artists Never Die - Funeral For A Friend

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Do the Johari's Window for me please:)


Current Mood: calm calm
Current Music: Different - Acceptance

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1. Honestly, where are you now?
Sitting in my common room using my laptop because wireless does not work at my desk.

2. Honestly, have you ever failed a subject in high school?
Yes I failed Math

3. Honestly, what's on your mind?
Umm How I think I may like my schedule this semester and that I need a new job...

4. Honestly, what is it that you really should be doing right now?
I should be figuring out my loan stuff and how I am going to pay for books because neither I nor my parents have any money... I think I may be asking my Nana for money and then pay her back when my loan comes. I don't like asking her for money.

.5. Honestly, have you brushed your teeth today?
Yes of course!

6. Honestly, who are your best buddies in the world?
Holly, Steph, Lavinia, Amy, Jill!

7. Honestly, who is the hottest person you know?
Umm?? I don't know... Umm Ryan. Yeah Ryan.

8. Honestly, are you a good friend?
I think I am... Am I guys? I try to be as good as a friend that I can be.

9. Honestly, do you think school is important?
Yes school is very important.

10. Honestly, what are your dreams mostly about?
Me running away from something and then I can't run anymore and I get scared. I always dream that I can fly, or that I could fly and then all of a sudden I can't or that I want to fly. Me being able to or not fly is in my dreams a lot and has been since I was younger. I also dream about me being alone a lot. Like I can't find my friends or anything and no one knows who I am and I end up alone.

11. Honestly, who/what makes you happy most of the time?
What: reading, daydreaming, singing, dancing, Lavinia and Sohara's stories, Harry Potter, good conversations with friends.
Who: Holly, Steph, Amy, Jill, Lavinia, Jess, Lauren, Dolly, Andy, Laura, Rose, Katie, LORI! haha Nick, and Bill. A lot of people make me happy:)

12. Honestly, what hobbies do you have?
Reading, writing, daydreaming, song writing, singing, dancing, photography.

13. Honestly, what song are you listening to?
Deepest Blues Are Black - Foo Fighters

14. Honestly, who do you want to see at this very moment?
I would like to see Lavinia, or my grandfather again.

15. Honestly, do you have a deadly disease?
No I don't

16. Honestly, do you hate someone right now?

17. Honestly, who/what do you want to hug right now?
Chris, Alex, my grandfather, and David Boreaniz, umm hi!

18. Honestly, are you bored?
Umm not really, I am talking to DOLLY about music and such so that is exciting to me:)

19. Honestly, who do you want to slap right now?
Actually no one.

20. Honestly, wouldn't you rather be having sex right now?
No because I am listening to music with Dolly

21. Honestly, do you like someone?
Yes I like my friends. And as like a crush yes I do.

22. Honestly, are you single?

23. Honestly, does anyone like you?
I think my friends do, do you? lol but as a love interest type thing no.

Current Mood: blah blah
Current Music: 45 - Shinedown

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Yeah so I’m back at school!!!! I am so happy to be back here! Right now my friends are here! Except Nick and Andy!!!! And Rose is not here but she did not come back today :( Andy and Nick were going to come but they are bums and didn’t so that’s fine. I’m happy though because we are going to be able to see everyone and hang out with everyone! YAY! So right now they are looking at this book that has sex positions and they are like acting them out… Oh my friends they make me laugh. Today while we were eating Katie says, “Can you pass me the paper napkin?” I was like “Did you just say paper napkin? Isn’t it just napkin?” lol And then she was taking a picture and she said “I can’t find the hole!” We were like “You mean the button?” lol Oh Katie how you make me laugh! I love my friends. I am just so happy to be back! I can’t wait to go to brunch! I know this sounds crazy but I want classes to start so I can see everyone else! Like Jess and Alan! And Angela and Andy!! YAY!:) OK I am way too excited for life bye bye!

Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic
Current Music: Everythings Too Cold..But You're So Hot - The Early November

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Umm hi!!! I am pissed! The pariots lost! What the hell was Brady doing all game? GRR! I am pissed! I mean they lost! Why? WTF?!?!?!?!? AND! What the hell were the refs calling? Did you see how much holding there was and it didn't get called?!?!?!? GRRR!

Current Mood: angry angry
Current Music: nothing

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(001) Your gender: Female
(002) Straight/gay/bi?: Straight
(003) Single? Yes
(004) Want to be? Umm I don't know anymore. Forensic Psychologist? Child psychologist? On Broadway?
(005) Your birth day: February 26th, 1986
(006) Age you wish you were: Doesn't matter to me.
(007) Your hair: Blonde
(008) The color you wish your hair was: I like my hair color the way it is
(009) The color of your eyes: Blue
(010) Piercings? 2
(012) Tattoos: None


(013) Smoke: No
(014) Do drugs: No
(015) Read the newspaper: Yes
(017) Talk to strangers?: All the time! I work at a place where I have to
(018) Take walks in the rain: Yes it's fun
(019) Drive: No
(020) Like to drive fast!?: No
(021) Hurt yourself: No
(022) Been out of the country: Yes
(023) Been in love: As much as I knew how to be at the time
(024) have a b/f or g/f? No
(025) Gone skinny dipping: Yes
(026) Had a surgery: No
(027) Ran away from home: No
(028) Played strip poker: No
(029) Gotten beaten up: No
(030) Been picked on: Yes
(031) Been on stage: Yes
(032) Slept outdoors: Yes
(034) Pulled an all-nighter: Yes
(036) Talked on the phone all night: Yes
(038) Slept all day: Yes
(039) Killed someone: No
(040) Made out with a stranger: No
(041) Had sex with a stranger: No
(042) Kissed the same sex: No
(044) Been betrayed: Yes
(045) Broken the law: Yes
(046) Met a famous person: No
(047) Been on radio/tv: Yes
(048) Been in a mosh-pit: No
(049) Had a nervous breakdown: Yes
(050) Been criticized about your sexual performance: No
(051) Had a dream that kept coming back: Yes
(052) Shoe brand: Whatever
(053) School: Bridgewater State
(054) Wear hats: Not usually
(055) Judged other people by their clothing: Probably at some point in my life
(057) Favorite place to shop: The mall lol (haha me too!)
(058) Favorite article of clothing: I don't know. I like my sweatshirts and my new pair of jeans
(059) Are you trendy: Umm no?


(060) Believe in life on other planets: I suppose

(061) Miracles: Yes

(063) Magic: No

(064) God: Yes

(066) Santa: Haha No

(067) Ghosts: Yes

(068) Birth: Yes... How do you not believe in birth?

(069) Love at first sight: Hmm.. I don't know

(070) Yin and Yang: Maybe?

(077) Do you remember your first love: Yes

(078) Still love him/her:

(079) Do you consider love a mistake: No

(080) What do you find romantic: Little things, The subtleties in life. Also the not so little things.

(082) Turn-off: Being conceited I hate that so much!

(083) Do you base your judgement on looks alone: No

(084) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for girl to ask a guy out? It is acceptable

(085) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? Yes

(086) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?: Well no but I hope they would

(088) What's the last present someone gave you: A christmas present... I don't remember which one.

(089) Do you like someone at this moment?: Yes I do


(090) That you laughed at: Strong Bad, Though he really isn't a person. Hmm My Dad made me laugh
(091) That laughed at you: Margie
(092) That turned you on: Haha
(093) You went shopping with: Amy?
(094) To disappoint you: Myself
(096) To make you cry: People
(097) To brighten up your day: Jess because she is amazingly awesome!
(099) You saw a movie with: Amy and Jillian
(100) You talked to on the phone: Holly
(101) You talked to through IM: Jess
(102) You kissed: No one


(104) Smiled: When I was on homestarrunner.com at some point tonight
(105) Laughed at someone: Umm tonight at some point
(106) Cried: Right now...
(107) Bought something: Tonight at some point
(108) Danced: Yesterday
(109) Were sarcastic: A couple of hours ago
(110) Hugged/kissed someone: Yesterday
(111) Talked to an ex: Um.. Yeahh...
(112) Watched your fav movie: It's been a while
(113) Talked on the phone: Yesterday
(114) Listened to the radio: Tonight
(115) Watched TV: Yesterday maybe?
(116) Went out on a date: Never

(117) Helped someone: Yes
(118) Felt betrayed by someone close: Yes
(119) Said "I love you" and meant it: Yes
(120) Did something with someone you didnt want to do: Yes

Current Mood: lonely lonely
Current Music: Runaway - Linkin Park

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Here is my day… I woke up. I woke up at three in the afternoon!!! WTF?!?!?!?!? What is that about? I could not believe that is when I woke up. My mom comes in and is like “When are you going to work?” “I have work at 4:00.” “Ok.” So I get up because I am awake now and I really thought it was going to be 10:00 or something. I looked at the clock and almost shit a brick! I was like “Mom is it really 3:00?!?!?” And she says “Yes.” I basically told her to never let me sleep that late again! I don’t like sleeping that late because my whole day is gone. I haven’t slept well in four days so I must have really needed the sleep. My sleep pattern is really effed! I hope I can get back on track because I am starting school soon! I then ate some food and got ready for work. I worked from 4-9 and apparently I was really supposed to come in at 3:00 but I thought it was 4:00. They didn’t care so that was good. I got home, took a shower, and now I am writing this.

I am WIDE AWAKE! This is not good. I don’t see me going to be until like 3:00 in the morning. I knew once I found out what time is was that I was not going to get to sleep until real late or early however you look at it. Tomorrow my Mom and Dad are having a bunch of friends over for the game. I have to work from 4-9 which is bogus! But I will see some of the game which is good. She made sauce and meatballs YAY! I’m excited because I love sauce and meatballs.

I go back to school Sunday! I can’t wait, I’m so excited. Well at least I think I go back on Sunday. I told work I could not work because I was moving back to school on Sunday and so they were like Alright. Yeah when do I get scheduled? Sunday from 4-8. If they can’t find anybody to work I think I have to go in. NO I’m just not going to go in. I am supposed to go see a play that day and move back in they can screw. I do need a job though, really bad. Oh boy! I am just so mad! I also told them that on Fridays I can’t work after 5:30 and when do they schedule me? 4-9!! I swear they are dumb dumb dumb! Anyways I don’t have much else to say. I’m hungry!! Yeah I really am. I think I might go do some scrap booking because I am also really bored. Or maybe I will read. I actually have not read in a very long time. I don’t know why. I need a new book or something to motivate me. Anybody have any good suggestions? Let me know! Alright I’m going now. BYE! Yeah Fall Out Boy's song names are too long for the music part!!

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Current Mood: bouncy bouncy
Current Music: I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea... - Fall Out Boy

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Your Heart Is Pink

In relationships, you like to play innocent - even though you aren't.
Each time you fall in love, it's like falling for the first time.

Your flirting style: Coy

Your lucky first date: Picnic in the park

Your dream lover: Is both caring and dominant

What you bring to relationships: Romance

Current Mood: hot hot
Current Music: Your Revolution Is A Joke - Funeral For A Friend

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